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Winter at Tantora

احفظ في مفضلاتي تم الحفظ في مفضلاتي

Winter at Tantora

Dec 19 - Mar 7

A festival like no other

Winter at Tantora offers a variety of diverse experiences to match every interest. The festival runs each weekend from 19 December 2019 until 7 March 2020. Festival-goers will have the opportunity to participate in a range of unique events and experiences, from visiting spectacular historic sites to hearing world-class musical performances to soaring above the landscape in a hot air balloon or vintage aircraft.
  • Man riding a horse and plays polo Man riding a horse and plays polo
    Dec 12 - Mar 06

    Winter at Tantora

    From world-famous international legends such as Enrique Iglesias and bands like Jamiroquai to regional maestros such as Omar Khairat, an exciting line-up of musical talents will surely light up the stage. Adventure seekers will be thrilled by the amazing range of cultural and culinary experiences and exhilarating activities such as hot air balloon rides and 4x4 tours.

  • Rocks in Alula Rocks in Alula
    Jan 31 - Mar 07

    Desert X AlUla

    Explore the first-ever contemporary art exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The expo will introduce visitors to desert civilizations, and it is also seen as a dialogue among cultures, with the participation of artists from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries. Local artists drew their inspiration from the scenic features of nature and from the fragrant history of the Al-Ula region.

  • Milky way above Saudi Arabia's desert Milky way above Saudi Arabia's desert
    Feb 27 - Mar 07


    Take a guided tour of the stars. Gaze up into the night sky, far away from the lights of the city. Accompanied by a local expert, you can learn about celestial objects and enjoy the peace and solitude of this awe-inspiring experience. Make a wish for every shooting star you spot.

  • ziplining in the mountains ziplining in the mountains
    Feb 27 - Mar 07

    Winter at Tantora Zipline Adventure

    Standing over 1200 m above sea level the Harrat is a formidable landmark here in AlUla, with stunning views over the region. Once at the top of the Harrat, the experienced Adventure Zipline Team will prepare you for an experience of a lifetime: You will fly at over 90 km per hour to reach the landing in approximately 42 seconds. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

  • Azimuth Festival Azimuth Festival
    Mar 05 - Mar 07

    Azimuth Festival

    Azimuth Festival is a three-day festival of music, art, and gastronomy. It is a gathering of Eastern and Western minds, brought together in a remote and ancient meeting place – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – to showcase and celebrate creativity at its best. This event will mark the end of the Winter at Tantora festival.

  • Helicopter Helicopter

    Fly Through Time

    A 20-minute flight that takes the visitor into a journey through time to explore the natural beauty of AlUla. Visitors will enjoy the spectacular scenery of the landscape of AlUla and have a chance to see a UNESCO heritage site from the top.