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Welcome to Riyadh Season

احفظ في مفضلاتي تم الحفظ في مفضلاتي

Riyadh Season

Oct 15 - Dec 31


Imagine if your world has shifted, imagine it a theatre playing 100 plays and more. Imagine the most outstanding expos, arts and concerts from around the world. Imagine Saudi authentic heritage and finest local & international food. Imagine and go beyond your imagination. See you in Riyadh!
  • Upside Down Upside Down
    Jan 21 - Mar 31

    Upside Down

    This peculiar exhibition will surely turn your world upside down. Literally. The exhibit will take you to a different world, in which everything will be flipped upside down, creating a reality-shifting experience.

Heading, Edit me

Heading, Edit me