Taif Season

Welcome to Taif Season

احفظ في مفضلاتي تم الحفظ في مفضلاتي

Taif Season

Aug 1 - Sep 15

A welcoming scent of roses from the city of roses, in its exceptional season, bringing you a whole month of excitement, fun and enthusiasm. Taif with its cultural authenticity, artistic heritage, and charming atmosphere is ready to welcome you. Join us in Taif season with Souk Okaz, Camel Festival, Roses Village, and Land Masters to enrich your experience with numerous exceptional activities, art events, entertainment and exciting competitions, which we bring you in an authentic Arab ambiance. Save the date for nature, fun and art like you have never experienced before! Taif season brings you a unique experience where culture, heritage and art meet nature and adventure in an ambiance full of excitement and entertainment.

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