Climate and Seasons

Climate and seasons

احفظ في مفضلاتي تم الحفظ في مفضلاتي

Climate and seasons

Contrary to popular belief, Saudi Arabia has four distinct seasons and a climate that varies between regions. Read on for a seasonal overview of the kingdom’s weather.
    • Spring


      Spring in Saudi Arabia can be brisk, particularly in the north, where the temperature at night can drop to below 15 degrees. The central and southern regions are warmer, averaging around 20 degrees after nightfall. Rainfall is at its highest now, particularly in the central region and in the southwest over the Asir Mountains.

    • Summer


      Summer signals the start of rising temperatures across much of the country, with the exception of the comparatively mild highlands in the southwest. The early mornings and long evenings are more temperate with gentle winds, so take advantage of the warm seas to explore Saudi Arabia’s world-class dive sites, or try your hand at other watersports.

    • Autumn


      Autumn brings gentler weather and cool breezes in both Saudi Arabia’s northern regions and the southwestern highlands. While daytime temperatures remain warm, evenings are mild and perfect for outdoor strolling along Jeddah’s waterfront, indulging in al-fresco dining, or visiting Al Ahsa’s cool desert springs.

    • Winter


      Take advantage of Saudi Arabia’s beautiful winter weather to explore the kingdom. The balmy days and cool nights are perfect for camping, rock climbing, or just exploring Saudi Arabia’s bustling cities and verdant highlands. You might even be lucky enough to see snowfall in the mountains of the northern regions, blanketing the slopes and desert sands.