Laws and Etiquette Laws and Etiquette

Laws and etiquette

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    • Одежда Одежда

      Dress code is dependent on individual establishments, some casual, others keen on sophistication.  Places of worship specifically do require you to dress modestly while visiting.
      As you roam around, you will organically get a sense of what works best.

    • Поведение в общественных местах Поведение в общественных местах

      Bad language, loud behavior, and encroaching on other people’s boundaries are considered disrespectful. Respectful public decorum is always advised.

      Using polite words in Arabic (e.g., Ahlan for Hi, Shokran for Thanks) is encouraged and viewed as a gesture of endearment.

    • Религия Религия

      Certain shops close briefly during prayer times to allow time for worship.

      During the holy month of Ramadan, the rhythm of the country changes into a mellow, spiritual one that allows savoring the revered month. Learn more about how to participate in Ramadan while in Saudi, whether you are visiting Jeddah or Riyadh.

    • Алкоголь и наркотические вещества Алкоголь и наркотические вещества

      The sale, purchase, and consumption of alcohol and drugs is illegal in Saudi Arabia.