Delight in the desert

The Riyadh Oasis

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What is the Riyadh Oasis?

Saudi has begun to witness the rebirth of fun after more than a year of Covid restrictions in the form of the Riyadh Oasis, which opened in early January 2021, and runs through April 12th. Part of the “entertainment ideas” initiative launched by Turki Al Sheikh, chairman of the general entertainment authority, the event has been described as a “luxury entertainment project” in the desert. It features shopping, cultural events, music, sports and, perhaps most important, “glamps” (glamorous camps), which accommodate up to eight people. 

Sarah Alghamdi, who planned to travel to the Riyadh Oasis from her hometown of Alkhobar, told Arab News “My family is in the habit of traveling abroad every year around this time, and since we were unable to do so this year, it’s great that we still had the opportunity to travel and experience new things. It really made me appreciative of domestic travel.”

What to do at the Riyadh Oasis

Although you can’t stay overnight at the glamps, the luxury accommodations (replete with restrooms) are a great place to call your temporary home in the desert as you sample food from international pop-ups, including the Japanese restaurant Zuma, Latin American fusion restaurant Amazonico, Emirati Arabic restaurant Ninive, and Greek seafood restaurant Nammos, and shop brands such as perfumery Tolat Etr, luxury jewelers Cardial, and local home and retail store Papillon.

Hours of operation

The oasis is open between 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. on weekdays, and 1 p.m. and 3 a.m. on weekends. Book tickets for the restaurants and the glamps using The Chefz app. Restaurant reservations cost between SR500 and SR860, while a reservation for a glamp is about SR13,000. 

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