Abha Season

Above the mountains

Abha Festival

What is Abha Festival?

28 July 2022 until 24 September 2022

The Festival Map

  • Abha Map

    Abha interactive map

    You can view our interactive map to see all the things happening in Abha or download a special PDF version for the festival so you can navigate easily while you are in the area.

    Download the festival map

The Festival Zones

    Blue Stage

    A music festival of emerging and folkloric artists from Saudi Arabia, Gulf area and regional countries, mixing traditional and contemporary music.


    Food Court

    An exquisite culinary experience for every food lover and a showcase for Aseeri and International chefs.​

    Khairat Aseer

    An amazing opportunity to immerse into a traditional Asseri local farms market. 

    Market & Retail Zone

    The best artisanal crafts and products that Saudi Arabia and the Aseer region can offer.

    Carnival & Adventure Zone

    A  carnival that will elevate the buzz of a holiday in Abha. A one-stop location for the whole family.

    Kids Area Zone

    Open air kids area with a variety of offerings such as jumping castle, edutainment, cinema, etc.

    Al Murabaa Tent

    A series of activities such as music workshops, live cooking sessions and performances.