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From the Hustle and Bustle of Jeddah to Amazing Marine Life

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4 Nearby Diving Destinations


The coastal city of Jeddah is one of the most spectacular diving and snorkeling destinations, with many unique areas to discover the stunning marine life deep down the Red Sea. The area is submerged, pristine, and untouched and it is where you can interact with the beauty of pure nature, and where you discover and learn about the most beautiful and rare marine creatures. There is about 20% of unique and rare fish in the Red Sea, such as the world's fastest fish, the Black Marlin, with a speed of 109 km/h; and the endangered Napoleon fish, also known as "Queen of the Coral Reef," the front of which resembles the crown of Napoleon; as well as other spectacularly diverse groups of up to 1,200 species. Heading towards Jeddah and nearby diving sites simply means: Going to the least current-exposure seas, and the ones with the highest salinity at 35%; as well as the most beneficial to blood circulation; and enjoying the warmth of the water that is not available in any city in the world, because the area in which the Red Sea is located is characterized by a sunny climate throughout the year, with a temperature of at least 21° C.

Swim with Sharks in Sharm Obhur


Located in the middle north part of Jeddah, near the luxury resort of Bhadur, Sharm Obhur is one of Jeddah's best diving destinations. Be sure that you will not be alone diving, as you will have a bunch of cute-looking turtles next to you, and you will be greeted by lionfish and eels, and the deeper you swim, the more fish and unique species you will discover! For example, the rare bull shark and clownfish known as “Nemo”. If you're a fan of adrenaline-rush adventures, don't miss booking a swimming trip, accompanied by sharks 1.7m deep underwater. This activity is very safe, very fun, and is an exclusive trip to Jeddah. At least 4 people enter a cage around which sharks swim and roam, accompanied by professional experts and divers, and perhaps for the first time in your life, you will observe this unique predator closely, and witness a few moments in its interesting life.


Shipwreck Island


In the southwest of Jeddah, you will find the island of Abu Tair, where you will discover the world's most famous ship wreckage, which is all that remains of the Greek Staphonos that sank in 1978, also called the "Cable Wreck," because its cargo was mainly cables, fences, and huge steel beams. And all this debris in the sea hasn't stopped whitetip sharks from living peacefully next to goatfish and blue-spotted rays, all of which can be found swimming around shipwrecks resembling sparkling candles.


Wreck Dive in Abu Faramish


It will take about a two-hour car drive to get to the coast directly in line with this huge reef, which stretches for almost 40 kilometers. You’ll need to be an experienced and confident wreck diver to navigate Abu Faramish’s most famous site, the Ann Ann, which went down in 1977 and now sits facing east in an upright position at a depth of 32 meters. The wreck has quite a few sections that are still more or less intact, including the power supply room, the captain’s quarters, and the now-empty cargo room, where the only residents today are tuna, blue-spotted rays, whitetip sharks, and snappers. One of the most popular features is a toilet that divers like to be pictured sitting on, and the wreck’s propeller, now completely covered in brightly colored coral.

Do not Climb Mount Laith, but Dive!


Located 200 km south of Jeddah, the charming island of Jabal Al Laith is the largest incubator for whale sharks and is one of the most beautiful diving areas in Saudi Arabia. Characterized by crystal clear water and a white-sand area of 4 sq/km, it is an ideal option for diving in spring or early summer.


Do not Climb Mount Laith, but Dive! Do not Climb Mount Laith, but Dive!

Great Coral Reef


Far from the center of Jeddah, approximately a two–hour drive to the north, is the beautiful dive site called Abu Faramesh. This 40km long reef is huge and home to tuna fish and whitetip sharks, and deep within its waters lie the famous shipwreck of “Ann Ann”, the details of which will be discovered when you reach the depth of 32 meters underwater. You will be amazed by the spectacle of the ship that has preserved its original condition since 1977, and in part by the fact that tuna settled in the ship’s cargo spaces, sharing them with blue–spotted rays and whitetip sharks. This spot is specifically the best location for taking photos.


Coral Reefs Coral Reefs

Red Sea Diving


Diving is a tremendously popular sport around the world, with origins dating back to ancient Greece. But what makes scuba diving in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea special?

● The Red Sea is about 35 percent saltier than other seas, and this salinity is associated with health benefits such as improved circulation.

● It is home to more than 1,200 species of fish, nearly 20 percent of which are found only in the Red Sea.

● The sea is home to the fastest fish in the world: the solitary sailfish, an extremely rare fish that can swim up to more than 109 kilometers per hour.

● With year-round sun, divers don’t have to worry about the water being too cold. Surface water temperatures around Jeddah range from the high 70s Fahrenheit in winter to the high 80s in summer.

● Each summer since 2017, a Women’s Dive Day has taken place on the Red Sea. To learn more about female divers in the region, check out Pink Bubbles Divers.