Adventure tourism in Saudi Arabia

From the desert to the beach

Adventure tourism in Saudi Arabia

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Step outside in Saudi

Diverse experiences await

Desert Adventures

Part of what’s special about the Arabian Peninsula — and specifically Saudi — is its desert. In fact, Saudi Arabia is home to the largest sand desert on earth. From adrenaline-packed excursions like dune bashing and sandboarding to more serene, history-inspired activities such as camel riding and Arabian camping, the desert in Saudi serves as a canvas for more than just adventure travelers.

Hiking Adventures

Saudi Arabia’s diverse topography is a delight to hiking enthusiasts. With striking lookout points atop cliffs and an oasis in the desert, there are plenty of adventures to embark upon on foot.

  • Want more like this? Climb into the heart of Al Wahbah Crater, just a short day trip from Jeddah.

Water Adventures

The Arabian Peninsula is surrounded by water — the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea — making an adventure on or in the water an ideal way to explore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.