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Discover the Ease and Joy of In-City Camping

Homefront Frontiers

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Tucked within the district of Diriyah and its fringes are interesting Kashta (hangout) spots – with many of them on the waterways that make you think you're no longer in the city. When the urge to go far is low but the sense of adventure is high, why not sneak into the quietude of the stunning Diriyah.

Wadi Hanifah Wadi Hanifah

Wadi Hanifah

Wadi Hanifah loops around Diriyah, and is the perfect harmony of greenery and the rocky humble terrain stand out against the noble historic site surrounding them, offering camping experiences to suit everyone’s needs. Wadi Hanifah has excellent walking and bike trails if you decide to break a little sweat.

Wadi Safar Wadi Safar

Wadi Safar

Wadi Safar is a beautiful site tucked-away in Diriyah where you can have an epic camping experience, and if you get bored of the sand around, you can always stroll down to the dam nearby and explore the rather lovely view of the reservoir.

Wadi Laban Dam Wadi Laban Dam

Wadi Laban Dam

Along the tributary of Wadi Hanifah, Wadi Laban Dam is a peaceful reservoir where you can pitch up a tent next to the breezy trees and wildflowers.