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Saudi photography

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The adventures of Ibrahim Sarhan

  • Who is Ibrahim Sarhan?

    Who Is Ibrahim Sarhan?

    On weekdays, Sarhan is an engineer at a construction company, but on the weekends, he’s an explorer-meets-photographer who dedicates his time to capturing Saudi’s hidden gems. 


    Sarhan found a passion for photography during his exploratory trips to locations around the world: the mountains of Tibet, the Amazon rainforests, the polar regions, Central Asia and Africa.


    During his travels, Sarhan developed knowledge of diverse cultures, which in turn inspired him to begin photographing the diversity of his homeland and sharing it with the rest of the world. 

What Are Ibrahim Sarhan’s Favorite Destinations in Saudi?

  • What Are Ibrahim Sarhan’s Favorite Destinations in Saudi?

    The way Sarhan captures adventurous Saudi scenes is what distinguishes his photography from others. Accompanied by Faisal Al-Reath, a local tour guide, Sarhan hiked for three days to document inscriptions in Jabal Shaqra in the Al Reath Governorate — a mural of archaeological red ocher paintings that dates back thousands of years. 


    The mountain regions south of Saudi are Sarhan’s favorite to photograph because of their charming nature and refreshing atmosphere. Here, he documented what he describes as one of his favorite projects: capturing the cultivation of Khawlani coffee and the lives of farmers whose traditions date back more than 300 hundred years.


    Sarhan has also dedicated time to photographing Saudi’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and he recommends people from Saudi and abroad visit throughout the year.