The All-Around Camper’s Guide To Riyadh The All-Around Camper’s Guide To Riyadh

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The All-Around Camper’s Guide To Riyadh

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  • Al Kharrarah National Park 

    While some locals refer to it as a lake, AlKharrarah is a seasonal body of water that forms as a result of rainfall gathering in its basin like topography. It is flocked by Riyadh dwellers who have made it a winter tradition to camp or have a day trip here after the rain, or simply when the basin is full. The park also has quad bike rentals, vast sand dunes, and horseback riding, making it an easy all in one spot.


    Great for: Families, new adventurers

  • Acacia Valley

    Nestled between the Tuwaiq Escarpment, Acacia Valley features a natural rocky overhang with views across the rugged landscape - located on the way to the Edge of the World. Pitch your tent underneath the Acacia trees and enjoy the stunning mountain views, with endless nature walks in the area to explore. Watch the herds of camels and goats nibble at the leaves of the Acacia trees from up close.


    Great For: For All with right transportation. Some hiking routes may be challenging for novice trekkers.

  • Al Thumamah National Park

    Camp central and adventure spot all rolled into one, Al Thumamah Park is one of Riyadh’s most favorite camping destinations. Bring your own camping gear, or opt for the rental package. Camp under the star-studded night sky and grill some wild mushroom and s’mores.


    Great For: Families and groups who may prefer an easy set up, new and impromptu adventurers given its accessibility to quad bike rentals, road side vendors, etc.

  • Falcon International Camp

    This place is located within Al Reem Reserve and comprises tents with all facilities. It has a proper guest itinerary and its package includes dune drive, camel rides and bonfires too. You can also witness the training of falcons and the magnificent raptors displaying their innate skills.


    Great for: fully serviced, worry free camping paired with a unique desert experience.