Adventures on a shoestring

Adventures on a shoestring

Adventure Awaits

Don’t forget your hiking shoes!

  • Wadi Al Disah (Tabuk)

    Wadi Al Disah (Tabuk)

    Wadi Al Disah is a mountainous terrain in the Tabuk region, filled with great spots to unwind - take a picnic blanket with you along with your favorite snacks, some firewood, and tea to enjoy this beautiful natural wonder.

  • Al Asfar Lake (Al Ahsa)

    Al Asfar Lake (Al Ahsa)

    The lake gets its name from the color yellow; further, along with from the city, this spot is calm and quiet and is a great spot to pitch a tent and barbeque but make sure to have proper communication and GPSs systems as the site is away from the central city.

  • Edge of the World (Riyadh)

    Edge of the World (Riyadh)

    This spot is perfect for a road trip and camping, surrounded by various activities. Make sure to take you 4x4 as the region is not accessible via a smaller car. Make sure to pack plenty of water and food to have a relaxing experience amongst the beautiful vistas the country has to offer.

  • Moon Valley (Jeddah)

    Moon Valley (Jeddah)

    A little further away from the city's bustle is the beautiful Moon Valley, filled with open-air spaces and complete platforms and is a fantastic place to get your kids excited about astronomy. Take your gear from home and enjoy amongst the stars.

There is a lot to do around these campsites, from hiking trails to bonfires and barbeque. Make sure to keep board games and other favorite amusements or toys to enjoy and play with your family. If you are passionate about photography, make sure to carry your camera to take pictures of the scenery. It is breathtaking.