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Passion and talent meet in Saudi Arabia

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Saad and Najla

  • Saad and Najla

    Dedication and drive merged when Najla and Saad first collaborated: Najla came armed with extensive media experience as an assistant producer and art director in addition to being an influencer on social media. As for 22-year-old Saad, who is still a university student at King Khalid University in Abha, his freelance work helped him develop a keen eye for photography and documentary filmmaking. 

Showcasing Saudi’s Aseer and Jazan Regions

  • Showcasing Saudi’s Asir and Jazan Regions

    Each admired the other’s work, so they decided to produce a video together that captured the joy of exploring new cultures. Their first destination? Aseer. Najla describes the region as “enchanting and charming, reflecting the kindness and generosity of its people. That’s how it made me feel, and I wanted the video to capture these values.” For his part, Saad was proud to film a day in the life of his beloved hometown in Aseer. 

  • Showcasing Saudi’s Asir and Jazan Regions

    The team’s work cemented the beautiful partnership between storyteller and filmmaker, prompting Najla and Saad to continue their project in Jazan. Saad describes Najla as “a person with multiple talents and interests, making her the most suitable person to work with on these documentaries. When she travels somewhere, she’s keen on experiencing all facets of local life, from cuisine to clothing to customs and traditions. I look forward to working with her many times again.”

  • Showcasing Saudi’s Asir and Jazan Regions

    Saad and Najla urge everyone to embark on an exploratory journey around Saudi Arabia, as there are so many wonders and adventures throughout its diverse regions waiting to be explored — and, of course, stories to be told.

  • Saad and Najla’s Saudi Travel Tips

    Saad and Najla’s Saudi Travel Tips

    Be prepared! Make sure to pack all your road-trip essentials: water, snacks, flashlights, portable chargers, etc.

    Take a temperature check. Weather fluctuates between regions, so consult a weather app before you go to make sure you’ve packed appropriately. 

    Get to know the people. Learn their traditions and customs so you can treat them with the utmost respect.