Thrilling Adventures at Moon Mountain  Thrilling Adventures at Moon Mountain

Thrilling Adventures at Moon Mountain

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If you’re looking for calmness and serenity outside the city borders, or if you seek Adrenaline filled adventures, Moon Mountain has it all. The valley located in the northeast of Jeddah near the village of Asfan, an hour away from the city center, is known for its unique terrain and striking rock formations shaped over many years jutting out from the soft sands and endless desert views. It is a favorite destination for desert hikers.

Visitors enjoy the range of activities here, such as stargazing at the clear skies, watching the stunning sunset, and full moon nights, when the moon lights up the valley. It is recommended that visitors camp for two or three days to fully enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place and unwind with family or friends.


A Different Kind of Adventure


Thrill-seekers are attracted to the exceptional nature of this place, which allows for amazing activities.  These activities include quad-biking and driving four-wheelers, camel riding and mountain climbing, and group sports, like football, volleyball, tug of war, and hiking on the sand desert.  

The Pleasure of Camping at Moon Mountain


Once you reach Moon Mountain, you will notice the scattered camps and outdoor seating with barbecue sets. After dinner, a cozy campfire setting is made for guests to sit back and stay up late sharing interesting conversation, of course, guests may choose the solitude of heading back to the private tent for a quiet evening. Some trips offer meditation and yoga sessions scheduled during the peaceful nighttime of the valley.

Tour operators in Jeddah coordinate continuous trips to the valley due to the variety of activities that visitors can enjoy. Trips start with early reservations through tour operators licensed to organize these types of trips. Guests are picked up in groups on four-wheel-drive cars from the city center to the valley and are provided with snacks and drinks during the trip.

Costs for desert safari tours start from around SAR299 (US$80) and vary by operator and package.


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