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Paths to modern Arabia


The capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a blend of the ancient and modern. The birthplace of the kingdom and a thriving, forward-thinking metropolis, history and heritage come to life in this exciting and ever-evolving city.

Paths to Modern Arabia

Explore the city's most iconic landmarks in less than a day.

Paths to Modern Arabia

Spend a whole day exploring the city's most iconic landmarks, heritage sites and sample the local cuisine.

Paths to Modern Arabia

This two-day itinerary includes a night in the great outdoors, following the footsteps of the ancient Bedouin culture.

Paths to Modern Arabia

Four days give you the chance to tour the city and set out on excursions to explore Riyadh’s breathtaking surroundings – including a hiking trip and stargazing in the desert.

Land of the palms


The lush landscapes of Al Ahsa are a world away from Saudi’s sand dunes and desert plains. Nestled between Riyadh and Dammam and stretching into the Rub Al Khali, Al Ahsa is a UNESCO-listed city and home to one of the world’s largest natural oases. Here you’ll find natural desert springs, green farmland and some of the region’s finest dates, interspersed by a string of ancient archaeological sites.

Land of palms

Explore the mountains and experience the nature in less than a day.

Land of palms

This one-day itinerary uncovers Al Ahsa’s historical roots, with museum visits and a tour of its natural landscapes.

Land of palms

This itinerary offers a complete immersion in Al Ahsa and it’s surrounding including a visit to the Yellow Lake.

The Eastern influence route


The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is a historical, economic and cultural hub. Visitors can gain first-hand experience of this progressive and ever-changing region, starting with its anchor city Dammam, home to cultural landmarks and the source of the kingdom’s oil and gas story.

The Eastern Influence Route

Spend half a day immersed in the rich culture and heritage of Dammam.

The Eastern Influence Route

A full day in the Eastern Province unveils its wonder both natural and manmade – a true energy center.

Journey to the seaside jewel


There is no place like Jeddah. With its own charm, pace, customs and the famous corniche, this city by the sea has been welcoming people to its shores for centuries. Today it is a bustling and multicultural hub, where diversity extends to every corner of the city. With thriving arts and culture, a burgeoning food scene and spectacular architecture, you’ll find your adventure in Jeddah.

Half-day in Jeddah

Retrace the past in Jeddah’s historical district full of charm and character.

One Day in Jeddah

Spend a day enjoying Jeddah’s famed Corniche, embraced by the Red Sea on one side and the city’s energy on the other.

Two Days in Jeddah

A two-day itinerary invites you to explore the city’s cultural scene and takes you out to sea for a day cruise on the Red Sea.

Natural beauty


Taif’s natural bounty reveals itself through its blooming fields of fruits and flowers, mist-topped mountains, green valleys and bustling souqs that date back hundreds of years. Here in the City of Roses, you can experience a rarely-seen side of Saudi, amid the mountains and greenery.

Half-day in Taif

Spoil your senses with a half-day in Taif, taking in its history, its souqs and above all, its roses.

One day in Taif

Live like the locals with this one-day itinerary that unravels Taif’s many charms.

Two Days in Taif

The full Taif experience invites you to head out to the mountain to hike the trails and visit a true natural wonder, the Al Wahbah crater.

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