Two Days in Taif Two Days in Taif

Journey of the Mystic Rose

Two days in Taif

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Taif: home of majestic mountains, fields of flowers, and an ancient market tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

    • Summer Palace of the Past Summer Palace of the Past

      Shubra Palace Museum

      Step back in time through the doors of the Shubra Palace Museum, once the royal summer residence of King Abdul Aziz and, later, King Faisal. A stunning throwback to old Taif, the museum’s architectural features include latticework windows and balconies, and pristine marble interiors.

    • A Rose - From Farm to Factory A Rose - From Farm to Factory

      Al Qahdi Rose Factory

      There is an old Arab proverb that says, ‘if the rose comes, we eat and drink near it; if it departs, we do not regret it.’ Catch the harvest season between May and July before the roses depart, and fit in a visit to the 120-year-old Al Qahdi Rose Factory to see how the petals are made into perfumes, rose water and other products.

    • Souq Wandering Souq Wandering

      The Taif Souq

      If Italians live in their piazzas, in Arabia, locals are found in their souqs. The Taif Souq, one of the largest in the country, sits in the heart of the beautifully renovated historic center and is a must-see market. Wander the stalls to find handicrafts, local honey and rose water and to sip on cup of refreshing mint tea.

    • Stairway to the Sky Stairway to the Sky

      Daka Mountain Park

      Located some 25km southwest of Taif, Al Shafa is the highest peak in the region with panoramic views over the surrounding landscape. The Daka Mountain Park sits at the top and offers access to a host of activities including dune bashing, camel rides and more.

    • Eat Like a Local Eat Like a Local

      Taif’s Local Food

      Taif is Saudi’s organic fruit capital and restaurants throughout the city serve regional favorites including peaches, pomegranates, grapes and dates.

    • Legend of the Crater Legend of the Crater

      Al Wahba Crater

      The Al Wahba Crater measures 2km wide and 250 meters deep, and features a glittering salt bed at its heart. A spectacular natural wonder, visitors can climb up and into this volcanic crater, which local lore claims was formed as a result of a love match between two mountains. The crater is a two-hour drive from Taif and an unmissable attraction. 

    • Hike More, Worry Less Hike More, Worry Less

      Hiking in Taif

      Follow in the footsteps of Arabia’s nomadic tribes by exploring the hiking paths in the desert plains around Taif. Cap off your day by camping in the great outdoors, taking in the starry sky by an open fire.