One Day in Jeddah One Day in Jeddah

One day in Jeddah

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The city of Jeddah offers unparalleled options of fun, exciting adventures, multiculturalism, and luxury to its visitors. Enjoy your time during an exciting day trip. You will be baffled by the beauty and the various destinations you'll be visiting. Be prepared to engage all your senses to make the most out of your stay in this charming city.

  •  Morning by the Sea  Morning by the Sea

    Morning by the Sea

    It's a great idea to start your day with a beachfront breakfast on one of Jeddah's beaches. To enjoy your mornings by the sea, many breakfast options are available. Head to Angelina restaurant in AlShati District to enjoy the taste of French cuisine. This restaurant has the most amazing view of the sea. A few steps away from Angelina is the famous American restaurant Blue Ocean. After breakfast, you can hike, walk, jog or ride a bike along the waterfront walkway.


    If you want more lavish options, then try out breakfast at the many luxury hotels in Jeddah. The restaurants in these hotels offer amazing sea views, and a buffet with multiple dishes that satisfy all tastes, such as: Jeddah Hilton Hotel Restaurant, Waldorf Astoria Hotel – Qasr Al Sharq Restaurant. Or head south to Al Hamraa District to Park Hyatt Resort, for a great breakfast and a dazzling view of the world's highest fountain, King Fahd Fountain.

  • red sea mall red sea mall

    Enjoy a Thrilling and Exciting Evening

    After a beautiful morning, be prepared for a night of excitement and endless hours of entertainment. Head to the largest indoor activity center with family or friends, the In10So Entertainment Center, which has Karting, Bowling, Trampoline, and fun arcade games. You can also go to some of Jeddah's largest shopping malls, such as Mall of Arabia or Red Sea Mall, which have both entertainment and shopping options from the most popular local and international brands, as well as plenty of food and coffee selections.

  • A History-Filled Night A History-Filled Night

    A History-Filled Night

    Through Jeddah’s calm night, and breeze of the sea, you will learn about the oldest and most interesting place, Historic Jeddah, or better known as “Albalad”. It invites you to spend an evening full of authenticity and allows you to breeze through Jeddah’s history. A stay in Jeddah without vising this place will be incomplete. Wander around its buildings and walk through its ancient doors while taking a glimpse of its antiquity. You will enjoy an unforgettable evening accompanied by Hijazi music performed by folk bands, or have a seat in a café with live traditional music being played. Before ending your glamorous night, you should try dining at one of Historic Jeddah’s restaurants, which are well-known for serving dishes from Jeddah’s local kitchen, or you can try special local drinks in one of its cafes.