Two Days in Jeddah

Jewel of the sea

Two days in Jeddah

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Whether you plan to visit Jeddah on a weekend or for two full days during the week, you will not be disappointed by what Jeddah has to offer. Keep reading to find out our interesting suggestions for 48 unforgettable hours in the most amazing and vibrant seaside city. 

    • Eat Your breakfast at one of the local restaurants in Jeddah, Tamees 09. It is a 15-minute drive from Old Jeddah (Historic Jeddah/Al-Balad), a perfect place to start your day and familiarize yourself with the city. Wander around its ancient and life-filled markets, then head to an intriguing café, Historic Nights Cafe, where you can have a drink on one of its balconies. You can also buy delicious pastries from AlSaidy Bakery, and eat while exploring the area and alleyways and walking through its ancient buildings that have turned into art galleries and museums.

    • In the evening, go to a restaurant on one of Jeddah's Beaches, and enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking the Red Sea, as you will find many great options along the beach.

    • Jeddah Waterfront

      Jeddah Waterfront

      When the heat and the sun dwindle away at around 4 p.m., set off for the Jeddah Waterfront, where the city's most beautiful sights are. Get ready to do some sports activities amid the fresh air and sweet breeze of the sea, or you can simply sit and enjoy your favorite cold drink in front of the sunset and pure sea.

    • Jeddah Open Air Museum

      Jeddah Open Air Museum

      Within walking distance from the Waterfront is the Jeddah Open Air Museum, one of the world's largest collections of open-air art and sculptures. It is the first open-air museum that is open all day, and the area itself is vast and there are numerous places at which to eat, places to picnic, and wide areas for taking amazing photos.

    •  ألعاب السرعة والحماس

      If you are a sports and games fan and are willing to experience fun and unforgettable experiences, then here is a list of some exciting activities of the most thrilling motor racing and driving tracks in Jeddah. Start with The Track Jeddah for drifting and karting, then you can head to In10So, which is also a center with a range of entertainment activities, and finally don’t miss Cart Zone to enjoy racing with friends.

    • Red Sea Mall

      We suggest you end your day with a tour in one of the most popular shopping malls in Jeddah, "Red Sea Mall”. It is only a 10-minute drive from the waterfront and features VOX Cinemas, where you can watch the latest movies or dine in one of the Mall's international restaurants.

    • Jeddah Yacht Club

      Start your morning with some energy-boosting ingredients; you can discover all the breakfast options available on the Red Sea coast, then go on a cruise in one of Marina Alahlam boats and yachts. Treat yourself to a tanning session, or head to the Jeddah Yacht Club to enjoy a drink at its beautiful cafes, relax and check out the luxury yachts, or head to the nearest horse stable and don't miss out on the Arabian-Horse Riding Experience.

    • Tayebat Museum

      At midday and in the evening, we recommend a family-friendly experience where you can visit some of the best museums and international works of art, such as Tayebat Museum and Home Arts Museum. And if you are a fan of contemporary art, we advise you to check out the most prominent contemporary art galleries in Jeddah.

    • Before sunset, we recommend you to attend a musical evening at Muse Center, which organizes a variety of social activities: musical evenings, mind games, and art discussions, or you can go to Bait Ziryab in Historic Jeddah, where you can listen to authentic oriental melodies through local vocalists.

    • Jeddah Art Promenade

      Jeddah Art Promenade

      At night, head to the most recent delightful area in Jeddah, The Art Promenade. It is considered a suitable and convenient option because it has many sports activities, such as cycling or simply walking along it and enjoy its designs and international artworks. There are also many restaurants and cafes to choose from.

    • Al Khayyat Center

      Al Khayyat Center

      There is no better way to end your final night in Jeddah than in style! Al Khayyat Center is one of the finest destinations for shopping and has 35 luxury international brands. You don’t want to miss shopping here.