At-Turaif At-Turaif

A World Heritage Site

Al Turaif

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From stunning castles to beautiful Najdi landscapes – discover Al Turaif  with a tour!

An important historical and architectural stop, Al Turaif  District in Diriyah is the cradle of the first Saudi dynasty and a world heritage site with over three hundred years of history. Picturesque and historical, this first Saudi state is looped by Wadi Hanifah and has more than its fair share of great architecture sprinkled within it.

Salwa Palace Salwa Palace

The Salwa Palace inside the district was once the heart of power, an official citadel and royal residence for the kingdom's monarchs. Take a large pinch of Najdi culture and architectural style in the shape of the World Heritage Site of Al Turaif and Salwa Palace, which dominate the skyline of Diriyah’s historical landscape.

Diriyah Museum Diriyah Museum

Come with some time to tour around the palace, the winding alleys and the surrounding areas of the mud-brick city, including the palaces of Saad bin Saud and Nasser bin Saud, and a traditional hospitality palace. In addition to this, explore the history of the region, while roaming the four museums within the courtyard of the Salwa Palace. The museums: Diriyah Museum, the Military Museum, the Arabian Horse Museum and the Saudi Daily Life Museum, house a large collection of materials and displays documenting the past life and times of the kingdom’s royal family, giving a broader conception of the Saudi history.

Thematic period village Thematic period village

Blend it all up with more cultural gems by stepping into the ever-fascinating thematic period village that adds in a bit of amusement with a trip down the memory lane featuring the most authentic experience.