Road winding through mountains and valleys Road winding through mountains and valleys

The Excitement of Ascending the Mountain Road

Journey along the Al Hada Road 

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The unusual 23km- long ascent starts on the dual highway passing through the high Hijaz Mountains. It reaches up to 2,177m above sea level.

Journey along the Al Hada Road  Journey along the Al Hada Road 

Live the adventure of a mountain trip

On your way up to the Al-hada summit. The road is distinguished by its breathtaking nature and beautiful weather. If you take the winding Al-Hada Road you will experience an exciting adventure among the high mountains with their many terrains, and how it all blends in with the blue sky. You can stop to watch the monkeys that live in the mountains. As you continue to ascend the road, you will notice the temperature dropping. It can be as high as 45C degrees at first, and drop as low as 20C by the summit.

During the nighttime, you can watch the car headlights painting a mesmerizing one-of-a-kind scene.

telefric alhada telefric alhada

Al-hada Cable Car

Enjoy your view of the Al-hada cable cars during your journey. Al-Hada cable car trail is the longest in the Middle East and it connects  Al-hada summit to No’man Valley. AlKar Tourist Village in No’man Valley offers a lot of fun activities and beautiful views to the visitors and is open from 10 AM to 9:30 PM all days of the week.

journey along the Alhada road journey along the Alhada road

Reaching the Summit

Upon your arrival at the Al-hada summit, you can enjoy a picnic among the plains and trees. You will also be welcomed by the locals greeting you with their crops. Enjoy the delicious Taif fruits straight from their source, such as: blackberries, grapes, and figs. You can also enjoy embers tea, which is considered one of the main warm drinks in the area. It is prepared straight on the lit embers in stalls along the sides of the road.