Celebrating Ramadan in Jeddah Celebrating Ramadan in Jeddah

Celebrating Ramadan in Jeddah

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The holy month of Ramadan in Jeddah is a season full of spirituality, social events and various activities. This annual occasion brings a unique vibe to all its districts and centers. Here's a list of the best experiences in Bride of the Red Sea during the warm days of this holy month.

Ancient Traditions and AlBalad Lanterns Ancient Traditions and AlBalad Lanterns

Ancient Traditions and AlBalad Lanterns


Old Jeddah is a vibrant area especially at night and is open 24/7. In Ramadan, traditional events and kiosks, called "Bastat", are spread throughout AlBalad, above which are decorative Rawashin and antique Mashrabiyas, where Ramadan dishes and many traditional and recent fun games are sold. Vendors wear traditional Jeddah clothing and sing Shabi songs from the Saudi heritage, to introduce visitors to local food and traditional rituals. Many of these vendors only cook and serve their food during Ramadan, yet still have countless loyal customers. Strolling through this traditional atmosphere, shopping there remains an experience like no other.  

Different Special activities Different Special activities

Iftar on the Beach


Residents and visitors of Jeddah often go to its beaches at sunset to break their fasting and see the city in its most beautiful scene. They enjoy the surrounding playgrounds and gardens. We suggest that you do not miss this perfect experience if you visit Jeddah one day. Here is the shortest way to this excursion: head to Jeddah Waterfront or one of its beaches, and choose one of the numerous seafront restaurants which will be packed with visitors during the holy month.


Fun Annual Festivals


The month of Ramadan stimulates a social desire to participate and gather, as most events and restaurants organize shows, performances, and entertainment nights throughout the month. Check out Historic Jeddah Festival activities and register for whatever suits you or your family.

There are also many bazaars set up for local products, handicrafts and items of all kinds, such as: Ramadan Muse Bazaar, and Jeddah Ramadan Nights Festival in Al-Tayebat city (Museum of Abdul Raouf Khalil ), which offers folklore, traditional local food, and diverse and enjoyable shopping options.


Different Special activities


All the shops and malls in Jeddah give off an aura of joy. They start by decorating the stores with special Ramadan decorations of lanterns and golden crescents, and extend to offering deals, discounts, prizes, and small competitions or challenges that you'll encounter in every store you visit. To get the most out of it, we recommend that you visit the most prominent shopping malls in the city, such as: Mall of Arabia, Red Sea Mall, Al Salam Mall, Al-Yasmine Mall and Aziz Mall.