The Cultural Secrets of AlUla The Cultural Secrets of AlUla

Unravel the best-kept secrets and the most unusual attractions of AlUla

The Cultural Secrets of AlUla

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  • Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon

    1. Hot Air Balloon

    Glide over the majestic rock formations and AlUla’s desert vistas during the Hot Air Balloon Festival and fulfill your bucket list with this one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Camel Ride through Palm-Shaded Trails Camel Ride through Palm-Shaded Trails

    2. Camel Ride through Palm-Shaded Trails

    Take a camel ride through the AlUla Oasis and surrounding lush vegetation. Make your way to the verdant AlUla oasis on a camelback or on foot, where you can tour the green palm groves and then enjoy savoring the fresh and fragrant varieties of citrus fruits from the trees.

  • Take an exhilarating spin

    3. Take an exhilarating spin

    Head to the vast expanse of AlUla and take an exhilarating spin around in a dune buggy.

  • Dancing Rocks

    4. Dancing Rocks

    Visit the Dancing Rocks in the Raggasat Valley, carved by the erosive forces of wind, sand and time. 

  • Whizz through the air Whizz through the air

    5. Whizz through the air

    Seek the thrills of pulsating zipline activities over the basalt rock formations at Harrat Uwayrid.

  •  Join the Star Party  Join the Star Party

    6. Join the Star Party

    Relive the experience with a night of stargazing at Al Gharameel, where guests can recline on traditional seating and gaze up to the Milky Way stretching from horizon to horizon.  

  • Sample some delicious food Sample some delicious food

    7. Sample some delicious food

    Hang out at the Winter Park and where several food trucks and kiosks have dotted the area, serving everything from gourmet burgers, desserts, and a cup of fine coffee. 

  • Photoshoot at Maraya Photoshoot at Maraya

    8. Photoshoot at Maraya

    Don't miss the great mirrored reflector called Maraya in the Ashar Valley that provides great photo ops during the afternoon.

  • Go Rock Hunting Go Rock Hunting

    9. Go Rock Hunting

    Tucked into Jabal Ikmah, Al Aqra’a and Naqsh Zuhayr, prehistoric rock art from ancient civilizations leap off the walls in still-vibrant shades. Marvel at the inscriptions and embellished carvings led by a Rawi (a storyteller guide).

  • Hike Hike

    10. Hike

    Lace up your hiking books and conquer the beauty of AlUla among the famed rocky mountains and sandstone cliffs.

  • Immerse in the traditional crafts Immerse in the traditional crafts

    11. Immerse in the traditional crafts

    Visit the Handicrafts Pavilion in AlUla Old Town and see the artisans weave palm fronds into beautiful traditional crafts.