Al Ahsa: Activities for the Whole Family

Al Ahsa: Activities for the Whole Family

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Home to one of the biggest oases in the world, Al Ahsa is adequately named; in classical Arabic ‘Ahsa’ means “the sound of water flowing underground”. Boasting tall beautiful date palms and a great location near other cities in the Eastern Province, it’s a great place to visit especially in the cooler months!

  • Al Ahsa Oasis

    Al Ahsa Oasis

    A picturesque desert oasis, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors from around the world travel here to enjoy the lush greenery, lively markets and poignant historical sites.

  • Souq Al Qaisariya

    Souq Al Qaisariya

    Renowned for its elevated roof and corridors; it holds numerous towers, palaces, mosques and over 422 shops perfect for exploring with the family. And don’t forget to grab a souvenir!

  • King Abdullah Environmental Park

    King Abdullah Environmental Park

    Amazing place to spend the day, it hosts many events year-round. The water fountain light shows as well as the playgrounds, football stadium, mazes and theater are sure to keep the family occupied all day.

  • Al Ahsa National Museum

    Al Ahsa National Museum

    The archaeology and heritage museum located in Hofuf holds a variety of artifacts ranging from the Stone Age to the Babylonian and Assyrian eras.

  • Al Qarah Mountain

    Al Qarah Mountain

    One of the main natural sites in Al Ahsa, perfect for a hiking or camping trip. Join a tour to explore the magnificent caves in the mountain and get to know its history!

  • The Yellow Lake

    The Yellow Lake

    Accessible by a four-wheel drive, it is a unique desert destination to enjoy off-roading, photograph the golden sand dunes or bird-watch.

  • Uqair Beach

    Uqair Beach

    A mesmerizing spot to experience a variety of sea activities such as jet skiing, surfing, sailing and fishing. On the shore, dune-cruising and car races are occasionally held, and you can also get a camel or horse ride.