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Visit King Fahd’s Fountain

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Visible from all across the city, King Fahd Fountain is a much-loved Jeddah landmark, and a 30-year-old monument in the middle of the Red Sea. At 312 meters high, its waters decorate the sunset of Jeddah, and whether you are thinking of taking a picture or a video of that magical scene, seeing the fountain will not seem impossible no matter how far away you are. As the spectacular display of the fountain continues, you can walk around and try different kinds of food along the various stalls in Alhamra Cornish. Seven, is the most popular kiosk on the walkway.

Waterfront viewing 


There are plenty of great vantage points to watch the King Fahd’s Fountain, and the Jeddah corniche is among the best. If arriving by taxi or Uber, asked to be dropped off across from the Ritz Carlton hotel, and cross the road to the waterfront. From this point, you’ll have a ringside seat to the fountain and its show. 

Afterward, take a wander along the expansive corniche where food stalls, cafés, and restaurants brim with delicious snacks. To make a day of it, take a detour to the magnificently plush Ritz Carlton and treat yourself to afternoon tea, served from 1 pm to 9 pm, at a cost of SAR150 (about US$40). The spread of sandwiches and pastries is among the best in the city.

A Unique-Experience Stay


While standing in the Cornish, look up high and you will find the perfect view of your stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. This hotel is one of 13 hotels in the Cornish area with a view of King Fahd Fountain. You can experience relaxation and recreation within the famous Hyatt Park Resort with its unique view of the fountain.

A More Glamorous Portrait


800 meters from the fountain of King Fahd, you can drink your coffee at Culture Cafe, one of the most famous cafes with a panoramic view of the Cornish. It seems like a great idea to take a picture of the fountain when lit at night with the portrait setting.

Lunch at the oldest Italian Restaurant


In addition to the great quality restaurants next to King Fahd Fountain is Café Aroma, an icon of the old Italian restaurants in Jeddah where visitors have been pouring in for more than 20 years. If you want to try out a whole day near King Fahd Fountain, Café Aroma should be your first stop for lunch.