Discover the Comedy Spirit of Jeddah Discover the Comedy Spirit of Jeddah

Discover the Comedy Spirit of Jeddah

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Jeddah locals are known for their sense of humor. When you visit Jeddah, you will definitely notice its residents’ love for joke and laughter. They are especially creative in performing live stand-up comedy shows on the stage of The Comedy Club, through which the first stand-up comedy shows were launched in Saudi Arabia.

Comedy Club Fun Nights


When you go to the North Corniche in Al-Shati District, don’t miss passing by The Comedy Club, which is located in AlShallal Theme Park. One of the first entertainment centers dedicated to live comedy performances, The Comedy Club includes: stand-up comedy shows, improvised shows, band performances, live music, speakers, talent shows, and magic shows, all of which are in close vicinity to the sea, inviting you to live an exceptional experience amid audience laughter and enjoyment.

Book your ticket here and be prepared for a night full of laughter.

Test your Sense of Humor


The Comedy Club offers rising stars the opportunity to try performing onstage. Of course, after passing auditions and meeting performing arts requirements, they can show off their comedy skills to the audience.


Cheerful Seasons


If you are interested in exploring more shows, then you shouldn’t miss the experience of attending comedy shows and stand-up comedies within the Saudi Seasons, such as Jeddah Season.