Three women embark on an urban adventure in Saudi.


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What to Do

  • Restaurants in Riyadh are home to some of the best coffee in Saudi Arabia.

    Sip qahwa in Riyadh

    Riyadh is now home to some of Saudi's most fashionable cafés: places where bearded baristas serve gourmet coffee with a backstory so deep it needs its own biography, and brunches fit for a king on festive platters. Consider visiting Elixir Bunn, Al Masaa Café, Tao Bistro and Five Elephants.

  • Turkuoise restaurant
    Woman enjoys international fare at a restaurant in Jeddah

    Sample international fare in Jeddah

    Today, huge expatriate communities have made Jeddah a cultural melting pot where nearly every culinary whim can be satisfied. Savor Pakistani curries at Makkah restaurant, dig into Brazilian cuisine at Spears, get a taste of Indonesian fare at Wong Solo, or grab Anatolian eats at Turkuoise.

Discover the Diversity of Saudi Cities

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