Snow covered mountains near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia are perfect for snow sledding

Snow sledding

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Sled your way through a snow day in Saudi

What to Do

Child snow sledding in the mountains northwest of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Snow sledding

While visitors can go sand sledding and sandboarding year-round in Saudi, winter brings the unique opportunity to go snow sledding, too. Head to the mountains northwest of Tabuk with a sandboard in tow, and use it as a makeshift sled to glide down snow-covered trails.

SUV on the snow covered mountains near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Before and after sledding

Before you sled down the trails at locations like Jabal Al Lawz, the highest mountain in the Tabuk Province, consider renting a 4x4 vehicle to get there. After a gleeful ride through the mountains, build a campfire to warm up and relax around before another run or two.

Children play in snow in Saudi Arabia.

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