Camels on a snowy mountain near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Wintry rides

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Enjoy a snowy excursion

What to Do

  • Car on the snowy mountaintops near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

    Take a mountain drive

    When it’s snowing in the mountains outside the city of Tabuk, you’ll know it by the number of cars headed northwest of town. Join the rush and make your way to the mountains for a winding, wintry drive filled with sweeping views of desert sands blanketed with fresh white snow.

  • Ride a camel through the snow covered mountains near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

    Take a camel ride

    For a truly novel experience, go for a camel ride on a snowy Saudi day. Camels have been an important part of life on the Arabian Peninsula for more than 3,000 years, transporting goods and people and providing milk and meat. Try a glass of warm camel’s milk for yourself after your wintry ride.