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Food in Saudi: Must-try burgers in Jeddah

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Burgers might not be the first type of cuisine that comes to mind when planning a trip to Jeddah, but this fast-food staple is massively popular here and across Saudi.

“Saudis have been no strangers to burgers, and over the past 10 to 12 years there has been an explosion of burger joints both local and internationally,” says Shayne Haridas, a Saudi-based food blogger known as @foodwithshayne. “The recent rise in popularity is thanks to exposure to social media and apps such as Instagram. Picture-worthy burgers have captured the imagination of a young Saudi populace who are willing to try out highly imaginative burgers that they come across online.”

From signature sauces and blue buns to the largest burger joint in the world, here are five spots you won’t regret grabbing a bite or a ’gram of in Jeddah.

  • Section-B

    Started by six friends in Jeddah, Section-B’s burgers have been named some of the juiciest in the country. “Saudi burger joints have been heavily influenced by iconic brands from the U.S. and elsewhere, and restaurants such as Section-B have capitalized on that trend,” Haridas says. “The fact that these restaurants are homegrown and Saudi-owned has been a great appeal that draws in massive crowds,” Haridas recommends Section-B’s notable A burger, which features a prime rib-eye patty, mature cheddar cheese, arugula, and onion and bacon marmalade. In fact, in his review of the burger, it was that last ingredient, the onion and bacon marmalade, that “really took the encounter to a whole new level.” Order your burger for takeout, or enjoy dining among locals at this popular spot.


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  • Century Burger

    Behind this burger, spot are two brothers who discovered their love of burgers when studying in the U.S. Their goal: to share the original burger recipe — dating back to the 19th century — in Saudi. Together, they opened Century Burger, boasting handmade burgers. The brothers pride themselves on mincing fresh meat daily and baking their buns in-house, which means the moment you walk in, you’ll be treated to the intoxicating smell of fresh bread. Make sure that whatever you order, you get it with the signature Century Sauce.


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  • Buntone Burgers

    Looking for something completely different? Buntone Burgers focuses on more than just flavors. The restaurant also prioritizes color and aroma in its burgers. “This isn’t your normal everyday burger joint and each of the colored buns used represents a distinct flavor and that’s not all,” writes Haridas in his review of Buntone. “Apart from wagyu beef and chicken, they also serve deer and duck meat which is what makes this unique restaurant stand out from the rest.” Choose to have your burger served in one of five flavorful (and colorful!) buns: black pepper, red chili, blueberry, green basil, and, of course, classic.


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  • Chef’s Homemade Burger Gourmet

    For burger-meets-barbecue, head to Chef’s Homemade Burger Gourmet in Jeddah. (It also has locations in Riyadh, Makkah, and Taif). Opt for a Gravity Burger, featuring double patties of wagyu beef, brioche bread, cheese, fried onions, and the chef’s special smoked cherry sauce, or the in-demand WR, which also includes a wagyu patty, a brioche bun, and special smoked cherry sauce along with smoked ribs, pickles, and American cheese slices.


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  • I’m Hungry

    This Jeddah-based chain is dedicated to serving nonfrozen, fresh meat daily. Started by a father in search of a fresh burger for his son who would say “I’m hungry,” the concept and name of this burger chain was born. Today there are a dozen (and counting) locations around Jeddah, including one that’s 2,860 square meters. Spanning the size of about 11 tennis courts, this giant I’m Hungry location is the largest burger restaurant in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Grab a Hungry Double or Triple burger and a side of Special Hungry (potato) Wedges for a taste of what the restaurant has to offer.


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