Soul Soothers From The North Soul Soothers From The North

Soul Soothers From The North

Hearty comfort food

Delicious dishes of Al Jouf


As opposed to many northern dishes characterized by their simplicity, Mansaf is decadent. It is made by cooking mutton in a broth of fermented yogurt called Jameed, which is then served on a large turmeric rice plate. This is usually garnished with pine nuts and almonds that can make one's mouth water at the very sight of it.



A dish unique to this part of the country, Bakeela is made of the sweetest of dates kneaded and mixed with a fine powder of a plant called Samah. The dish is topped with copious amounts of ghee, providing much-needed warmth in the north's cold winters.



From roadside stalls to upscale restaurants, Jareesh is easy to come by. The building blocks of the savory delicacy include ground wheat, caramelized onions, yogurt, and meat. This may sound meek, but together they work a treat.


Sheesh Barak

Sheesh barak is a delicate minced meat dish cooked with milk, made with flour and watered dough similar to a ravioli. Filled it with minced meat, cooked with yogurt and garlic, coriander, and pine nuts on top of it.



Hamees is a must-try for any meat lover. It blends the cooked meat's textures with soft, tender, translucent onions packed with local spices and cooked together to create a wonderfully delicate combination.



The Tashreeba can be prepared either with meat or chicken with bread underneath it that soaks up the heart's delicious juices—often made as to the centerpiece of an elaborate feast. The dish is a delightful amalgamation of meat and regional spices.



A mix of truffles, chickpeas, cowpeas, and groats (hulled kernels of various cereal grains) soaked in water for one day, then cooked until they dissolve, then topped with clarified butter.


Marees Drink 

This drink is made with pitted dates and water that is then blended, and later, the juice is extracted and filtered and known to be a cool sweet drink, perfect and refreshing.