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Umluj is well-known for its azure see-through waters and pristine white shores. Historically, this coastal paradise was famous for the production of top-tier boats. Fishing is a predominant indigenous activity, and is a major source of income. Publicized as being the Saudi Maldives, Umluj is truly a trending destination for unforgettable getaways. Boat racing with dolphins, tanning, swimming, and chasing sunsets is heaps of fun under the sun.

But Umluj is also known for the cultivation of cream-of-the-crop mangos, guava, lemon, figs, and sweet yellow dates called Rotab Beid. You’re going to want to beat the heat treating yourself to some of that fruit served chilled while you’re there. While you’re enjoying all the activities Umluj has to offer, recharge and indulge in local flavors. Here’s a list of some must-try dishes and restaurants we think you’ll appreciate.


  • Sayadiyah: This is a fish and rice dish that is very popular in most coastal towns. The fish is usually a red fish such as Najil (grouper), and the rice has a distinct brown color from being cooked in caramelized onions.  
  • Samak Nashif: Hipposcarus harid or Parrotfish is cleaned, split in half, doused in salt, and left to dry for at least a week under the sun. It’s usually served with Ma’dous, rice mixed with yellow lentils. 
  • Shorbat Habb: This is a dish mostly enjoyed during the holy month of Ramadan. It’s a soup made of wheat grains. The Umluj variant entails that it’s made with sheep milk (white) instead of being tomato-based conventionally (red). 
  • Aseeda: A wheat flour lump of dough cooked with dates, millet, or oats, and topped off with honey and ghee. Be prepared to dig in with your hands! 


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