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The Eastern Province’s best breakfasts

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The Eastern Province is filled to the brim with restaurants serving diverse and delectable breakfast dishes. Say good morning to trendy hipster joints and traditional Arabic eateries offering everything from traditional Arabic-style eggs and pastries, to pancake stacks and chocolate-laced waffles. Whether you’re up with the larks or a late riser in search of brunch, these breakfast spots have you covered.

Damascus Garden Pastries Damascus Garden Pastries

Damascus Garden Pastries

Offering a true taste of Syria, this age-old Levantine bakery in Al Khobar makes the best pastries in the city, hands down. Sample the delicious pies filled with spiced mincemeat, cheese or honey, and we're confident you’ll agree. Once you’ve selected your treat, watch as the thick-moustached bakers knead and roll the dough, stuff it with your ingredients of choice and then bake it to fresh perfection in a brick kiln.

SamirEmis SamirEmis


SamirEmis is a quintessential Saudi boofiya. Taken from the word buffet, these budget breakfast and lunch bars can be found on almost every street corner in the kingdom, especially its residential areas. They provide tasty, cheap, all-day sandwiches prepared in seconds, right before your eyes. SamirEmis is a neighbourhood-favourite, because it not only serves a great egg, falafel and fries brunch sandwich, but also delicious freshly-squeezed juice to help wash it down.

Al Quds Al Quds

Al Quds

If you love your Palestinian food, we can’t recommend this restaurant – named after the Arabic word for Jerusalem – highly enough. Warm and friendly and decorated with images of the old country, this intimate café offers a glimpse of the famed Palestinian hospitality. Popular with the city’s long-established community from the Holy Land, its delicious breakfasts are a classic Middle Eastern mezze of za’atar bread, smooth hummus, crispy falafel, foul and a selection of pickles and salads.

Parker’s Parker’s


Looking like the kind of hipster joint you’d expect to find in Downtown Brooklyn or London’s East End, Parker’s made a splash with a clever social media campaign that involved hunting for ‘keys’ placed all over the city, in order to be allowed to dine there. It worked and every hip, young Saudi was keen to get a seat in the eatery, which serves up some of the best western-style breakfasts in town. There’s delicious French toast, pancakes stacked high with berries or lashings of chocolate and syrup, and several creative spins on traditional recipes. Test out the taco omelette or the Benedict croissant, which is essentially the contents of traditional Eggs Benedict, minus the ham, packed into the French pastry.

Butler’s Chocolate Café Butler’s Chocolate Café

Butler’s Chocolate Café

Butler’s is a dangerous place if you’re susceptible to the two Cs: cacao and caffeine. This indulgent spot, which overlooks the busy Prince Mohammed Road in northern Dammam, is for one-off naughty breakfasts dominated by dark and aromatic coffee and accompanied by gourmet chocolate (you get one truffle free with every cup). There is a breakfast menu, too: fresh waffles and crepes laced with luxury chocolate and cream, if you like it sweet, or stuffed with turkey bacon, sausage, mushroom and egg if you prefer savoury. 

Pattis France Pattis France

Pattis France

Recline in elegance in a spot reminiscent of a Parisian café, as you indulge in carefully prepared and presented breakfasts washed down with artisan coffee. We’re big fans of the pancake stack, dripping with caramel and topped with fresh dairy ice cream, but if you feel that’s a tad sweet first thing in the morning, Pattis France does excellent Eggs Benedict. Whatever you go for, you’ll want to save some room for a visit to their phenomenal dessert stand.