Kaleidoscope by Karina Bobinski
Start & End Date: 10 - 26 October 2019
Event Type: Art Exhibition
Location: Ithra
City: Al Khobar
Target Audience: Over 4 years
Kaleidoscope by Karina Bobinski

Kaleidoscope by Karina Bobinski

Kaleidoscope creates an awe-inspiring painting, generating astonishing visual effects. A mix of marvelous art and rich knowledge of colors. Kaleidoscope functions as a very large and walkable lightbox. A surface of floating layers of inks in cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMY). Yet these colors only exist in our unbound imagination and so definitely "virtual". Every kind of pressure – be it with one finger, with the feet or be it with the entire body – displaces and shifts the inks and it produced by overlapping the "real" colors red, green and blue (RGB), which can be picked up and recorded by human retina.

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