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Saudi feast food festival

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Organized by the Saudi Culinary Arts Commission, the Saudi Feast Food Festival celebrates Saudi Arabia’s rich food heritage and creates authentic experiences for visitors, enabling them to try traditional foods in a unique way and in a special place. During this event, visitors will take part in different activities at the four main areas of the Festival. This event showcases how we should be proud of the Saudi culture, and helps to connect the new generation with this inspiring heritage. Objectives: Creating opportunities for Saudi chefs to showcase their creativity and skills. Educational and cultural experiences for visitors. A special focus on the culinary heritage of the Red Sea regions Tabuk, Al Madina, Makkah, Jazan, and Aseer Festival Journey: Workshops and discussions with Culinary experts Boutiques for culinary books and merchandise Dedicated dining area serving more than 35 concepts of traditional Saudi dishes Festival Schedule Tour to Explore Alblad 12PM - 4PM Food stalls 4PM - 12AM Interactive exhibition 4PM - 12AM Culinary store and library 4PM - 12AM Cuisine culinary workshop with Le Corden Bleu 4PM - 6PM Pastry workshop with Le Corden Bleu 8PM - 10PM

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