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Welcome to Riyadh, the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia, where old-world charm meets with 21st century vision.

Riyadh province – also known as Al-Wosta – is home to the country’s capital: a modern metropolis with a thriving financial and business center, and a growing cultural scene. It’s a city rich in history, boasting myriad forts, palaces and museums, and some of the country’s most colorful souqs. Break up the touring with a stop-off at one of Riyadh’s many cafés and restaurants, which serve an impressive array of world-class cuisine, or shop from local up-and-coming designers in the city’s malls.

Jeddah Saudi

The wider region also offers a wealth of attractions: Ad Diriyah, northwest of the city and the original capital of the first Saudi state, is a must-see. It’s Al Turaif quarter, a carefully restored mud-brick district that was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, offers a glimpse into the country’s extraordinary heritage, while the Al Bujairy district is perfect for families, with its twisting lanes, restaurants and cafes.

Those in search of tranquility can head north of the city to the Edge of the World, where the sprawling Tuwaiq escarpment offers heart-stopping views over the arid plains below.

Al Murabba Palace

As the former home and court of King Abdul Aziz, Riyadh's Al Murabba Palace is a monument to the city’s captivating past.

Historical Dir’iyah

Welcome to Ad Dir’iyah, birthplace of the first Saudi state, historical crossroads of pilgrims and traders, and home to one of the Kingdom’s most ambitious heritage developments.

Al Masmak Fortress

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh is a modern-day metropolis, complete with towering skyscrapers and a 99-floor sky bridge. But intertwined within this city is a deep-rooted sense of tradition and history that’s just waiting to be discovered.

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia

Set aside a day to explore centuries of Arabian prehistory, history, culture and art at the kingdom’s biggest and most entertaining museum.

Ushaiger Heritage Village

Hidden in the heart of the Najd, an oasis-dotted region 200km northwest of Riyadh, Ushaiger Heritage Village provides a glimpse of a slow-paced Saudi society of old.

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