• Emergency numbers

  • Useful numbers

  • Telephone code and providers

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Emergency numbers

Police: 999
Saudi Ambulance: 997
Civil Defense: 998
For traffic accidents: 993
Highway Patrol: 996
Border Guard: 994

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Useful numbers

Tourism Call Center: 19988
Tourism International Call Center: 00966112614750
Najm Company: 920000560
Passports: 992
Saudi Public Security: 989
General enquiries: 905
Emergency medical consultation: 937
Municipalities: 940
Electricity company emergency: 933
Ministry of Transport emergency: 938
Enquiries related to Ministry of Commerce: 1900
Consumer protection: 935
General Directorate of Narcotics Control: 995

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Telephone code and providers

Saudi Arabia’s country code is 00966 There are three mobile network providers in Saudi Arabia. These are: