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A timeline for unforgettable trip

Two days of extraordinary experiences in Abha

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  • Historical tour

    • Cable cars in Soudah

      9 a.m. (about 30 minutes away from the city)

      If you are going to start your journey with high expectations, the experience of riding the cable cars in Al-Soudah Mountain will provide the most enjoyable view of Abha, where the majestic mountains with their green terrace covered with mist.

      From here you can also take a journey of about 20-25 minutes to reach the historic Rijal Almaa Village.

    • Rijal Almaa Village

      11 a.m. (about an hour and 14 minutes away from the city)

      Rijal Almaa represents the most important historical destinations around Abha, as one of the sites registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The area includes the heritage village of Rijal Almaa with its towering forts and castles, and you can buy souvenirs from the gift shops in the halls and paths of the village.

    • Jorry Elite

      2 p.m. (about an hour and 15 minutes/59 km away from Rijal Almaa)

      A suitable opportunity to discover one of the famous restaurants in Abha for lunch. Jorry Elite is distinguished by its wonderful location in the middle of Abu Kheyal Park, providing the visitor with enjoyable experience of the stunning view, in addition to the rich variety in the restaurant’s menu, as it combines 3 cuisines that you can choose between: Aala Bali, Senso، LaScene.

    • Abu Kheyal Park

      3 p.m. (about 14 minutes/9 km away from the city)

      The park is located between several distinctive restaurants and cafes in the city, making a flowering space for recreation and picnics, through which it is possible to walk to The Art Street and the High City.

    • The Art Street

      4 p.m. (about 14 minutes/ 9 km away from the city)

      It is located near Abu Kheyal Park, and is characterized as an artistic scene that is in harmony with the seasons of jacaranda blossoms in May until July. It is a live exhibition for heritage car enthusiasts and outdoor hiking lovers, often decorated with umbrellas and rose entrances. The Art Street includes many cafés, including the glass Kaya Café, which has a panoramic view.

    • The High City

      6 p.m. (about 14 minutes/ 9 km away from the city)

      The High City includes many options for international restaurants and cafes, most of which overlook the mountains and get foggy in the evening. Its location provides a wonderful angle to watch the sunset.

  • Extraordinary Explorations

    • Mishraq Restaurant

      9 a.m. (about 8 minutes away from city center)

      Before you set out, you can choose from a variety of traditional Saudi dishes at Mishraq Restaurant, in which traditional breakfast dishes are prepared in its original way.

    • Historical Fatima Museum

      11 a.m. (about 15 minutes away from city center)

      The Historical Fatima Museum reflects the image of the Asiri woman who made her mark in every corner of the museum with the art of Al-Qatt Al-Asiri, which is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The museum offers practical lessons for the art of Al-Qatt, presented by Fatima Faye, one of the most famous artists in such field in Asir and Saudi Arabia in general.

    • The Historical Tabab

      2 p.m. (about 31 minutes away from city center)

      Traditional Tabab represents the first historical stations for the entire region. The village includes hotel suites that provide a great experience of staying in a place that reflects the historical architecture of Tabab. There is also a bakery that prepares fresh Tannour bread throughout the day, an Italian cafe with a charming view of the green terrace, and a fast food restaurant. There is also a relaxation center and souvenir shops, the most famous of which is Tahlal, which bears the name of the highest peak in Al-Soudah, and features the distinctive souvenirs of Al-Qatt Al-Asiri.

    • Abu Sarrah Palace

      4 p.m. (about 31 minutes away from city center)

      Discover the old ways of living in the traditional houses of Asir, where the palace of Abu Sarrah provides a comprehensive image of living in one of the old houses, represented by the rooms and storerooms as well as their names in earlier times. The palace includes souvenir shops, traditional women clothing stores, and Rashfa cafe with its facade decorated with inscriptions of Al-Qatt Al-Asiri.

    • Midhal

      6 p.m. (about 22 minutes away from city center)

      The experience here is more imaginative. The unique location of Midhal has several charming views, being the second great destination for watching the sunset. Medhal includes 3 outdoor seating areas, the designs and views of which vary according to their location. The site also includes many seasonal restaurant kiosks.