A Family Outing at Saudi's Summer Capital

A two-day itinerary around Abha

A Family Outing at Saudi's Summer Capital

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From the moment you land, this itinerary will help you navigate through the best attractions of Saudi's summer capital.




Al Soudah Mountain

9:00 AM Approximately 45 mins from the city

Start your tour by heading to Al Soudah Mountain, the highest point in Saudi Arabia. Al Soudah is covered with beautiful lush green trees, with a stunning backdrop of misty clouds and sierras on the horizon.

From here, you can take the cable car from Al Soudah station for sweeping views of the spectacular landscapes. The cable car takes 20-25 minutes to reach the houses of Rijal Almaa Village below.

Rijal Almaa Heritage Village

Rijal Almaa is easily one of the most prominent representations of Aseeri heritage. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it consists of stone blockhouses and towers that are impeccably maintained to portray the rich culture of the Aseer province.

Shada Archaeological Palace

1:00 PM Approximately 26 mins / 20 km

Built in 1927, the mud-walled Al Shada Castle was once the headquarters of the Amira of Aseer Province. In 2017, it was renovated and turned into a museum. It displays a vast collection of ancient household tools, photographs, manuscripts, artworks, and coins.

Al Muftaha Village

2:00 PM Approximately 2 mins / 1.4 km from the city

Situated at the city center of Abha, Al-Muftaha Village consists of adjoined traditional mud houses, small stalls, shops, parks, and a museum. It also doubles as a vibrant shopping lane, particularly during the famous Tuesday Markets; when local merchants and makers gather to sell handicrafts, incense, local delicacies, spices, and more.

Must do: Bargain with the vendors, and make sure to bring home a jar of Aseer’s finest honey.

New Abha Resort

4:00 PM Approx. 5 mins / 2.3 km from the city

The New Abha Resort is nestled on the banks of Al Sadd lake and features flawless views of the surrounding landscape. The resort consists of luxurious Abha Palace Hotel, dining facilities, a theme park, and a cable car station transporting tourists to the Green Mountain.

New Abha Resort cable car opening hours: 2:00 PM

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Green Mountain

5:30 PM

The Green Mountain got its name from the green lights that illuminate it. Dine amid the clouds at the restaurant on the mountain and catch a surreal sunset, with panoramic views of the city.



Al Habala Village

9:00 AM

Approx. 1 hr 54 mins 107 km 

ETA 11:00 AM

An astonishing site to visit, Al Habala Village lies 55km from Abha and is nearly 400 meters above a rocky cliff. Prominent tribes resided in the area over 350 years ago. The village features intricate clay and wooden houses on a steep ledge, which were only accessible by ropes. 

Today, the heritage site can be reached through the Al Habala cable car station at the Al Habala Tourist Park, which takes passengers on a tour around the Habala Village.

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Abu Khayal

2:00 PM

ETA: Approx. 50 mins 57 km

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscape, the Abu Khayal park is a hill station known for its vivid flora and attracts thousands of families every summer. The park is an excellent hideaway for leisure and adventure seekers.

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Abha Paraglider Zone

4:00 PM

Catch the cable car ride to Al Soudah Mountain from the Abu Khayal Park and arrive at the Abha Paraglider Zone.  From here, you can take a tandem paragliding flight around the Al Soudah area, an exhilarating experience paired with breathtaking views.

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