Abha Airport Park Abha Airport Park

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Abha Airport Park

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As soon as you set foot out of Abha Airport, about 5 minutes away by car, you will find Abha Airport Park. Its name is derived from its location next to Abha International Airport, which extends over an area of ​​up to 125,000 m2, most of which is occupied by green landscapes.

Abha Airport Park Abha Airport Park

A Tour Amongst the Trees


Whether you take your tour on foot or using the tour train, you will be joined by the company of bushes, a stream of water that extends up to 260 m, and three wooden bridges with amazing designs. Your day will be very joyful seeing children playing in the motor games and in front of the dancing fountain that is situated in the middle of the park, all while you choose the best place under the shades on the vast green landscapes.

Abha Airport Park Abha Airport Park

Right Near You


You must consider having your favorite beverage in this nice atmosphere. Discover the list of beverages and snacks in a café inside the park, or head to the café area to choose from the selection of beverages they have. Because you will spend the whole day inside the park, you can perform your prayers in the mosque built inside it with a magnificent interior and design, and attached restrooms equipped for all visitors. The park is an ideal destination for strolling, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful city weather.