Abha Palace Hotel Abha Palace Hotel

Where to stay in the foggy city?

Where to stay in Abha

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Abha offers a wide range of accommodation options, with various features that will meet your tourism plan needs. Explore the accommodation options and embark on your exceptional journey.

Sarwat Park Hotel Sarwat Park Hotel

Sarwat Park Hotel


One of the offered accommodations is placed on a high rise overlooking the bustling King Abdulaziz Road, which is a unique excellent practical option to explore the city. In fact, you can reach Abu Khayal Park on foot, as it is just 2 km away from Sarwat Park Hotel, while the High City is no more than two minutes away by foot. 

Assalam Palace Assalam Palace

Assalam Palace


Staying in Assalam Palace, in the heart of the city, allows you to stroll down the fascinating Art Street (Just 9 minutes away on foot through the Dam Walk), where you will marvel at the fascinating wall paintings and artwork on the display, or sit back and unwind in one of the outdoor seatings of the many nearby cafes. 

Abha Palace Hotel Abha Palace Hotel

Abha Palace Hotel


If you’re looking for an exclusive view of water and mountains in one place, Abha Palace Hotel is the place for you, with rooms overlooking the Dam Lake and mesmerising mountains. Not only that, but it is a four-minute-walk away from Abha Park via Lake Street. 

فندق بودل أبها فندق بودل أبها

Boudl Abha Hotel


If you prefer to stay near the city, Boudl Abha Hotel is the ideal place for you, as it is only 2.5 km away from Shamsan Castle, and 1 km from Al Shalal Park.