Al-Dabab Walkway Al-Dabab Walkway

A Walk Between the Clouds

Al-Dabab Walkway

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Spend some special time with the clouds and visit one of the absolutely most breathtaking destinations. When visiting Abha, you should not miss out on the chance of an overwhelming stroll around the walkway. You can discover the peaks of the mountains in the region throughout your walk through Al-Dabab Walkway, which is 7 km long and 14 m wide. This destination awaits you South West of Abha, particularly in Al-Dabab District, behind King AbdulAziz road, on the way to Dhila road.

Al-Dabab Walkway Al-Dabab Walkway

A Wonderful Place


You will be surprised with the waterfalls that add to the beauty of the place when it rains. Enjoy the wonderfully-painted picture of the fog in the morning, and the reflection of dim lights on the wet ground in the evening. Give yourself some time to walk between flowers, trees and the breezes of fresh air, and sit on the side benches whenever you need to rest, all while your children enjoy playing in the playgrounds. When it is time to have a hot drink, you will find kiosks that will make you enjoy the place even more.

Al-Dabab Walkway Al-Dabab Walkway

Enjoy Discovering a Place Beyond Clouds


The walkway is 2800 m above sea level and is considered the perfect place to spend some exceptional time in Abha, the city of beauty. Fog covers the walkway most of the year. Because it never ceases to amaze its visitors with each visit, people usually visit it more than once to experience that fun again. You will be mesmerized by the sight of a wonderful picture of which some parts are hidden behind the white clouds, which will fill you with anticipation to discover its mystique and wait for its revelation.