Al Nasb district in Abha Al Nasb district in Abha

the historical memory of Abha

Al Nasb district in Abha

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You can learn a lot about the heritage of Abha from its ancient alleys, and its unique architecturally structured historical neighbourhoods that date back hundreds of years ago. One of these neighbourhoods is Al Nasb historical district located at the heart, of Abha. This neighbourhood is built on the bank of the valley and earned its name from the rocks that were placed underneath the buildings to protect them from the valley.

Al Nasb district in Abha Al Nasb district in Abha

A civilization that extends over the centuries 


The ancient mud-built buildings reflect the traditional style of construction, which remain till this modern age sustainable and durable even though the architecture have weathered hundreds of years. These buildings uniquely maintain the special identity of Aseer, rich with colors and antique inscriptions, and the infamous traditional Qatt Al Aseeri art. 

One of the most famous monuments here is Al Nasb historical mosque established on 1101 H, and renovated on 1279H to become a historical ancient destination filled with ancient features.

Al Nasb district in Abha Al Nasb district in Abha

A picnic within the heritage


If you are an enthusiast of ancient architectural places, a visit to the neighbourhood will mesmerize you and take you back to ancient times. Marvel on the authentic intricate details found in its walls and alleys distinguished with “Alragaf” method of construction. The date of construction is engraved on the castles’ doors, which is an ancient tradition.  The beautiful scenery of the neighbourhood will astonish you, as it is naturally decorated with hanging plants and scattered bushes, some of which emerged from between the rocks.