Aseer Mall  Aseer Mall

The Family Shopping Destination in Abha

Aseer Mall

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A flying visit to Aseer Mall will tell you that you`re on a date with a harmonious mix of pleasures. Evenings will sparkle more by taking the family and sharing the shopping experience, then stopping by a café for a coffee and chat.

Shop in midtown 


Aseer Mall is one of the first malls in the region, with a 37,000 m² and a strategic location in the middle of Abha on King Fahad Road. It is a fantastic destination for shopping and entertainment to have a fun family time. It gathers many restaurants and coffee shops spread across it, and it includes a supermarket to save time by buying your groceries while visiting the mall.

Stores that Know Your Taste


The Mall contains many brands close to the visitors` taste, such as Rina, Calliope, Terranova, and Oud Milano, as well as the big stores that receive a massive demand like Max, Red Tag, and Faces.

Children have a Slice of the Fun


The upper floor has a large area equipped with a diverse group of Inflatable games and sand toys which will draw your little ones` attention to spend time full of playing and fun. Don’t forget to give your kids the chance to try the ice rink to see amazement and enthusiasm in their eyes. Next to the play area, there is a restaurant hall that includes Herfy, Happy chicken, and more. The hall is prepared with seating distributed in the upper mall area.