Khamis Mushait Boulevard Khamis Mushait Boulevard

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Khamis Mushait Boulevard

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Khamis Mushait is Just a half-hour drive from Abha. Here you will find a mesmerizing place that will lure you to discover an experience like no other, it is where pleasure, beautiful weather, cuisine and luxury shopping meet.

Khamis Mushait Boulevard Khamis Mushait Boulevard

Choice overload


You will be greeted by the sound of water pouring down from the dancing fountains of Khamis Mushait Boulevard, which is located on Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Road. It is a lively area with modern features and an open space that allows you to enjoy the wonderful weather of Khamis Mushait. Shops, restaurants and cafes line up around the fountains accompanied by live music, putting you in front of a number of exciting choices.

Khamis Mushait Boulevard Khamis Mushait Boulevard

Morning or Evening?


The first response to your confusion about having your next meal is a place that combines your favorite restaurants in one spot. To start your day perfectly, head to the Gulf Council restaurant in the morning to enjoy the traditional popular dishes such as beans, shakshuka and liver, or choose Karak Eqbal restaurant with its varied breakfast menu.

When it is lunch time, try exploring a shrimp bag with its delicious blend at Shrimpianu Restaurant. All you have to do is wear your gloves and start having fun. And if you're a seafood fan, you'll have other options to discover at Shrimp Zone restaurant.

 At Chilli's International Restaurant, you can try the tastiest American dishes, or change the plan and take time off with the mood booster “coffee” at Overdose café; which is famous for its drinks and a list of desserts that you cannot resist. But what if the aroma of cinnamon grabs you from Cinnabon Café to try a delicious Cinnabon piece that accompanies your coffee while you sit and watch the passebys?! your day will definitely be glorious.

Khamis Mushait Boulevard Khamis Mushait Boulevard

Pleasure of shopping and playing


Do not miss a luxurious shopping experience in Boulevard stores on Thursday. start with discovering your favorite perfumes from the Almusbah or Arabian oud, then choose what suits you from the unique pieces of clothing in Blueage, and be sure to complete your elegance by shopping for watches and  sunglasses at cardial and Farza. And finally for the pleasure of ultimate shopping, you can go bowling in the games area, or fill your shopping cart at Danube,. All these options are available to you, just pick and choose.