Essential Strolls in Abha

Essential Strolls in Abha

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The heart of the Aseer region, Abha is known for its rich heritage, cuisine, and stunning landscapes. Acquaint yourself with the beautiful city by taking a stroll through its landmark sites.


Art Street

Famed for its colorful artworks and installations, and its striking dash of purple in the springtime – the season of the Jacaranda trees, Art Street is a must-stop for visitors. Enjoy the breezy air of the area and take a selfie under its lush purple bloom.

Al Muftaha Village

Home to some of the finest traditional Aseeri architecture. Explore the area on foot and drink in the awe-inspiring, history-spanning works of local artists and craftsmen.

Al Dhabab Walkway

Often brushed by fog (Dhabab), the scenic walkway stretches along the edge of a dramatic escarpment, offering breathtaking mountain views. There are seating areas and playgrounds for children for a refreshing day out.

Jabal Sawda

Located 30km from Abha, it is one of the tallest mountains in Arabia with breathtaking vantage points. Stop by and take some photos for the books!

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