Strolls in Abha Strolls in Abha

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Strolls in Abha

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A visit to Abha is enjoyable for all the senses. It combines culture, history and the arts included in the UNESCO Heritage List. In addition, Abha’s parks have amazing natural landscapes. These landscapes and amazing views extend to its restaurants overlooking the valleys covered with greenery, forming an ideal destination throughout the year.

Abu Khayal Park Abu Khayal Park

One Step Away from Tranquility


The extension of the green landscapes in Abu Khayal Park constitutes a charming painting that makes it possible for visitors to immerse themselves in the moment without any time restrictions. You can also take a meditative stroll overlooking the green mountain, or sit down to explore the natural corners of the park and its surrounding luscious trees and ponds. You can also attend entertainment events at the park’s theater. The Jorry Elite group, located near Abu Khayal Park, includes three affiliate restaurants; Senso Restaurant, Ala Bali Restaurant, and LaScene Restaurant.

Al Dabab Walkway Al Dabab Walkway

A Day Between Clouds of Fog in Abha


Walking along with the fog, which is formed due to the city’s location on the edge of the Sarawat Mountains near the coast of the Red Sea in the west, is one of the most unique activities that the visitor can experience in the 7-km-long Al-Dabab Walkway. Al-Dabab Walkway overlooks the natural wonders of Abha’s mountains and gives the visitor an opportunity to capture countless pictures of the place, making the memory of the trip full of wonderful pictures and scenes. There are many available services and restaurants amidst the charming green landscapes.

High City High City

Try Different Flavors


Enjoy an unconventional tasting experience during your stroll in Abha. The High City includes a variety of restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating areas overlooking the street, such as N Lounge, Arkoon, and Dough Source. In addition to these restaurants, there are cafés overlooking the interactive areas of the high city, where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching and interacting with live musical performances, such as Starbucks, Bicycle Café, and Candy Tree Lounge.

Al raqedi Museum Al raqedi Museum

Go Back in Time


Abha is distinguished by its historical depth as it hosts a number of museums and archaeological palaces, such as Abu Sarrah Palaces, which are three palaces consisting of 6 floors decorated with white windows that are covered in green from the inside. In addition, Fatimah’s Museum of Aseeri Woman’s Heritage is a wonderful museum that is registered in the UNESCO List. Further, Alraqdi Museum gives its visitor the opportunity to view the heritage of clothing, ornaments and agricultural tools, as well as manuscripts, weapons, stamps, banknotes and coins.

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