The High City The High City

We suggest that you plan to visit High City as the last destination when you visit Abha, as the wide range of choices offered here might overtake your itinerary

The High City

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High City has an ideal strategic location at the heart of Abha since it is surrounded by many elegant hotels and captivating parks as well as it is easily reachable via King Abdulaziz Road from all parts of the city. The view from the high altitude of this place is splendid. This venue opens its doors for visitors at the early hours of night, from four pm till two am. You can check out the scheduled activities and book them from here.

high city high city

Scrumptious options inside the High City


No doubt, you will be baffled with the numerous choices of appealing restaurants and cafes. The wide range of cuisines, from local and international alike, poses a difficult choice to make. The views from the spectacular outdoor open areas of some restaurants will take you on a marvellous visual journey. In the morning, you can try freshly baked bakeries from N LOUNGE, or share an amazing cup of coffee from Bicycle Café with friends. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the foggy weather from the outdoor seats of The Dough Source, one of the seven restaurants encircled by natural gardens, with your family.

high city high city

Have some serious fun


There are many fun choices in the High City to meet every need. From shows, events and musical nights to family fun activities and kid play spaces. You can choose what is best suited for your itinerary and book it through one of the following websites, which offers many options and details. Or, you can fly solo, and walk around on your own to discover the place. 

High City offers a variety of elegant modern accommodations from resorts to hotel apartments. When you decide to immerse yourself in this fun world, do not forget to check out the reservations and working hours of some of the facilities here.