Restaurant Destinations in Khamis Mushait Restaurant Destinations in Khamis Mushait

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Restaurant Destinations in Khamis Mushait

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The menus served in the various restaurants in Khamis Mushait accommodate and please every taste, from popular dishes in the Arab region to international menus prepared in their original way.

Fatte w Snobar Fatte w Snobar

Arabic Cuisine


There is a variety of restaurants serving authentic Arabic dishes in Khamis Mushait, such as Naht Restaurant, which serves distinctive Yemeni dishes, from popular breakfast options; such as liver, arika, pistachio masoob, malwah bread and Adani tea, to tasty dishes for lunch and dinner. The most popular dishes are chicken makboos and Yemeni shredded chicken.

While the distinct Mediterranean breeze seeps through the Blue decorations of Fatte w Snobar restaurant with its white beautiful windows, it takes you away to the land of Ceder, “Lebanon”. Its menu offers a variety of options to suit everyone.

If you want a special and unforgettable Gulf experience, you have to visit Fereej Sweilim, which specializes in serving remarkable Kuwaiti dishes. Enjoy watching the robot advancing towards your table carrying mouthwatering dishes with unforgettable flavors. Balalit, Majboos Al-Dayai, and the vibrant-color biryani are some of best dishes served there.

Shrimp Nation Shrimp Nation

Seafood Restaurants


Catch of the day restaurant will offer you a unique experience of seafood through the unique flavors of different shrimp bags, and various side dishes in the Shrimp Zone. Shrimp Nation serves seafood in baskets, such as shrimp basket and calamari basket. Don’t miss enjoying the taste of hot soups.

Middle Eastern Restaurants Middle Eastern Restaurants

Middle Eastern Restaurants


Khayal restaurant has many branches in Saudi Arabia and all of them are exceptional in serving irresistible Middle Eastern dishes and delicious desserts such as baklava and kunafa. Moreover, you can enjoy your meal in the outdoor boulevard gatherings.

If you want to enjoy eating Middle Eastern cuisine with a view of Khamis Mushait, head to Tulay Turkish Restaurant on Prince Sultan Street.

Fereej Sweilim Fereej Sweilim

More options


Isle Restaurant and Café features a glass view that allows sunlight to illuminate the place during the day, along with a menu to meet everyone’s taste from French toast, brioche bread stuffed with chicken fajita or halloumi cheese, to various dessert dishes and various coffee options. Fans of smoked meat and steak are not forgotton, as Rossa American Restaurant serves meat that is smoked for up to 16 hours. The restaurant is located on Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Street.