Stay amidst the beautiful nature  Stay amidst the beautiful nature

Experience a stay between the towering mountains

Stay amidst the beautiful nature

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The wide variety of accommodation options of the high mountains of Abha lets you enjoy unparalleled experiences. From serviced residences to camping inside the mountainous landscape, Gathern offers you tremendous accommodation options to explore online and, ultimately, book your preferred choice of stay for an ideal local experience. 

Almasqi Park Almasqi Park

An unforgettable lodging experience


Choosing to stay on a farm or a caravan in Abha is indisputably an experience you will have plenty to talk about, from waking up at dusk to watching the sunsets on the mountains. Accommodations in nature offer complete experiences with a range of activities including outdoor cooking and natural hiking trails, perfect for hiking at sunrise.

Almasqi Park Almasqi Park

Fulfil your senses


The experience of staying in a caravan allows you the chance of picking your preferred spot to take a glimpse of the wildlife in the lofty Sarawat Mountains. Don’t miss your chance to take pictures of the deer and the Arabian antelope at their natural habitat when you stay near Al Masqi Park.