Natural Parks in Abha Natural Parks in Abha

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Natural Parks in Abha

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At an altitude of over 3000 meters above sea level, Abha, the neighbour of clouds, is blessed with a pristine nature and a mild atmosphere throughout the whole year, which made Abha the capital of Arab tourism in 2017. The unique location of its gardens provides stunning views and options for most types of excursions and exploration.


For these reasons, many activities can be organized in one of the following parks:

Aseer National Park


If you want to enjoy fantastic leisure activities in the heart of a diverse and rich nature, only about 10 Km from the center of Abha, then you should visit Aseer National Park; the most interesting park in the Kingdom.

You can enjoy cycling, riding the cable cars, or strolling through the park's lanes surrounded by unique and various types of plants. You can also enjoy observing about 300 species of different birds, some of which are only found in Aseer province. The park, being a natural reserve, is under rigorous maintenance. For more entertainment, you can explore sports fields, gymnasiums and camp with friends or family.

Abha Airport Park


What makes Abha Airport Park special is not only its close proximity to the high city of Abha, but also because the park is located near some of Abha's main locations, such as Abha Airport and a list of the city's most prominent hotels.

With a vast area of green spaces centered around a waterway and topped by three wooden bridges, service areas, playgrounds, facilities suitable for different occasions of gatherings, various restaurants and cafes, and shops that sell heritage objects, it can be said that all the natural attributes in Abha Airport Park have been carefully employed, qualifying it to be an integrated area for wonderful and warm times.

Hadaba park in Mahareth Hadaba park in Mahareth

Hadaba park in Mahareth


You can feel the charm of "the neighbor of clouds" in Hadaba park, which is located east of the city of Abha. Its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere together with its pristine environment encourage meditation and relaxation, hence, recharging your energy for a long time. The park is located east of the city of Abha, on one of its mountain heights, which provides a panoramic view of birds of prey, and is a suitable location for climbers.

Al Masqi Park Al Masqi Park

Al Masqi Park


In case you want to explore a rural atmosphere, about 30Km from Abha, ALMasqi park can take you in an unforgettable experience through the scent of essential oils emitting from the perennial juniper trees that densely cover the mountains of the park. The park has thousands of visitors every season thanks to its natural features, in addition to its special location on the edge of mountain peaks, which offers a perfect view.

Al Masqi Park is rich in multiple species of animals and plants, where you can camp or explore its diverse green areas and forests. It can also give you the opportunity to take memorable photos.

Abha Dam Park Abha Dam Park

Abha Dam Park


 If you want to live the fascinating atmosphere of adventure and excitement, enjoying various events, and celebrating many seasonal festivals, head to Abha Dam Park; which combines the development of its spaces and the modernity of its services with the charm of nature’s stunning views. You can experience the excitement of several amusement park rides. Moreover, you can enjoy special time with your family watching one of the entertainment shows, or appreciate the greenery, water and fresh air. You can also invite your friends to one of the numerous restaurants and cafes in the park.