Rijal Almaa village in Aseer  Rijal Almaa village in Aseer

A land that holds many historical tales

Rijal Almaa village in Aseer

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A trip to Aseer is not complete without a visit to Rijal Almaa historical village, which is only 45 km away from Abha. With its stone-built castles and colourful buildings, it made it to the list of tourism villages of the world.

Tales that echoes through the land


The ancient remains and folk tales, hidden inside the unique architectural designs of Rijal Almaa village, which have been echoing for more than 700 years, are historical evidence that attest for its early civilization. Its tall stone-built buildings were made using Basalt rocks, which gave them their strength and durability to last through time. The white Quartz stone is found extensively on the outer walls, while the interior is embellished with magnificently made artwork. 

Rijal Almaa’s Village Rijal Almaa’s Village

Beauty and meaning in Rijal Almaa’s architecture 


The architecture of Rijal Almaa’s was not based solely on aesthetics. Rather, it had a social humanitarian significance in its designs, where family members shared multiple- floors- buildings. Thus, this reflects its social values of this area. 

Rijal Almaa’s Rijal Almaa’s

Stops at Rijal Almaa’s


A brief overview of the social and personal life is seen in the house of a man from Almaa who turned it into Rijal Almaa village museum. This museum consists of 20 sections and showcases traditional pieces, old manuscripts, and ancient farming, construction, and transportation tools. Qasabat Al-Owus Tower is considered a historical monument with the highest view of the magnificent landscape. Shaokan mountain, named after the abundant prickly pear trees who choose it as their natural habitat.  One of the main attractions in Rijal Almaa village is a rural cottage made from the local natural elements found in the mountains called Honey Cottage. You can sit down on its rustic seats and enjoy an exclusive experience of tasting Rijal Almaa’s authentic honey varieties. 

The way leading to Rijal Almaa


Rijal Almaa is reachable by road via Aqabat Sama, which connects Abha with Rijal Almaa village.

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